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WHY Lumber Marketing Services?


Lowest overhead stocking wholesale lumber distributor in the country, period.
No other company has a sales person who does ALL of the following: Shipping and
Receiving, Sales and Purchasing, Transportation Logistics, Payables and Receivables.
You will not buy wood anywhere else where the person who talks with you is the same one
who sourced it, unloaded it, packaged up your order, shipped it, and invoiced you. Because
of the cost savings and low overhead, the price savings is carried down to you, the customer.


Over 100 years (1910) of continual family wholesale lumber service.
Personal background in lumber remanufacturing, mill sales, office lumber brokering, tree
Farm ownership, retail yard ownership, and wholesale distribution ownership. Few, if any, in
the industry have this wide range of experience.


Highest listed purchasing credit rating possible.
With vendors in Central America, South America, Indonesia, Europe, as well as British
Columbia and the U.S., you are ensured the most competitive lumber trading environment
possible. Repeat customer base consists primarily of high-end specialty retail lumberyards.
Longstanding reputation for domestic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods, including
decking, siding, paneling, flooring, beams, and other specialty building products.


Businesses in this economy cannot afford to be average.
Customers have so many options that an average business will have trouble gaining quality
repeat customers. An average business has only one thing to compete with—– price. The key
to thriving and growing in a recession or in any economy is to be an extraordinary business on
every level. Contact LUMBER MARKETING SERVICES and experience the extraordinary.


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